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Coaching Services - (Re)Discover Your Why

I partner with established and emerging leaders to help them explore their career journey—what got them to where they are now and where they aspire to be.  Through a targeted conversation, leaders can align their actions with their goals, their Why.

My clients include established executives and other professionals, whether precipitated by a new leadership role, a career transition, or a desire to recenter work-life priorities. Those at earlier stages in their career are often in the process of discovering and articulating their path to leadership.

Coaching is a journey of personal and professional growth where the coach and client collaborate as thought partners to achieve desired outcomes. Through a future-oriented and goal-focused approach, coaching involves skill development by encouraging reflection and providing guidance and accountability for overcoming obstacles, making key decisions, and taking action.

Each coaching engagement is unique. Together, we will work to define and achieve your identified goals. The  conversation begins with a 40-minute introductory call to discuss your coaching needs, my approach and to determine if we are a good fit. Coaching engagements are typically 3-6 months with biweekly,  one-on-one sessions via Zoom. 

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